Jessica Bingham & Jared Cunningham

Jessica and Jared

Luxury Real Estate Agents, Jessica Bingham and Jared Cunningham form a formidable real estate team, seamlessly blending their unique backgrounds and expertise to offer unparalleled service in the vibrant market of Baja California. Originating from Vancouver, Canada, Jessica’s journey into real estate was paved with a solid foundation in marketing, which she cultivated alongside her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business communications. Her strategic approach to real estate, honed through years of collaborating with developers, brokers, and individual agents, is complemented by Jared’s hands-on experience in luxury residential finishing carpentry and real estate ventures.

Jessica’s keen eye for marketing strategies and her adept communication skills serve as pillars in their collaborative efforts. Meanwhile, Jared’s craftsmanship and intimate knowledge of property craftsmanship add a distinctive touch to their services. Together, they provide clients with a comprehensive approach to real estate, encompassing strategic negotiations, meticulous attention to detail, and personalized client education.

Their commitment to excellence extends beyond transactions; Jessica and Jared are dedicated to fostering lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and transparency. Whether guiding clients through the intricacies of buying or selling, they are unwavering in their dedication to achieving optimal results. Their passion for matching clients with their dream homes, coupled with their in-depth understanding of the local market, positions them as trusted advisors in the vibrant real estate landscape of Baja California. With Jessica and Jared at the helm, clients can embark on their real estate journey with confidence, knowing they have a team of experts dedicated to their success.