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La Paz Real Estate and Things to Do

Capital of the Baja, and the largest city in it too. There are many reasons why La Paz is such a tourist attraction, from its Sea of Cortez overlooking, and world-renowned, Malecon, to its diverse array of restaurant options for a nice dinner evening after an afternoon at one of its pristine beaches. La Paz is the picture of comfort, the laid-back counterpart to San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, which is saying something. Beautiful sights, good food, fine drinks, over 500 years of rich history, and even a latent artistic scene for you lovers of the conceptual and the creative.

Truly a beautiful place to live in or vacation, for an impressive price! Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at what exactly makes La Paz, La Paz, from its world-class beaches, to its top-dog condo developments and high-end luxury real estate.

Tecolote Beach the Tourist Staple

Kayak’s for rent, restaurants, palapas aplenty, and calm waters perfect for swimming, going for a dive, and the aforementioned kayaking. The perfect combo for a day at the beach, and a darling of La Paz tourists everywhere. 

The La Paz Getaway: Balandra beach

On the flip side, located about 20 miles from La Paz, Balandra’s a getaway as it gets. Beautiful beach, pristine turquoise waters, and mesmerizing reddish rock formations. This stunning piece of view creates an environment free of noise and day-to-day. You won’t find much of tourist attractions here, only you, some palapas and sights beyond compare.

Family-Friendly El Tesoro Beach

Not quite on the extreme end of Tecolote’s kayaking scene, or Balandra’s awe-inspiring escapist vibe, El Tesoro Beach is a halfway compromise best suited for family get-togethers at the soft sands and calm, crystal-clear waters. Very much ideal for little kids, and parents looking to doze off for a while.

La Paz Modernity at El Nido Residential

Located right at the historic center of La Paz, El Nido residential has not only set the bar for the Baja condo scene, what with its window-view vistas, a two-minute walk from an organic farmer market, and rooftop terrace condos, but It’s also right next to the Piedras and Pajaros Park, giving it an additional edge in the proximity sense. Spectacular views and comfortable living, year-round, is the name of the game at El Nido.

Fittingly Named Paraiso del Mar

Positioned right next to the bay at the heart of La Paz, the aptly named Paraiso del Mar is a gated community of charmingly designed homes, packing all the essentials required for easy, comfort-filled living at La Paz. A ferry trip to the bay? Right on. Walking distance from the Malecon? You bet. Year-round, jaw-dropping sunset views? Should be obvious by now. Paraiso del Mar is 100% what’s on the box, and those big, glaring letters spell out one word and one word only: Paradise.

The Jewel of Cortez Pedregal de La Paz Residential

With a stunning view of the crystal-clear, turquoise-colored waters of the Sea of Cortez, the private residential community boasts one of the most beautiful spots in the entirety of La Paz, so much so that it’s become a tried and true example of the luxury lifestyle in the Baja. Cobblestone streets, coastal view, and mountainous backdrops, all on top of dedicated homeowners and project development managers actively seeking to bring Pedregal to the top of Baja’s real estate scene.